Maylene and The Sons Of Disaster- Open Your Eyes (Official Video)

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Other Great Sites

I would like to recommend a few of my favorite christian based music websites and blogs to my readers, all two of you. The first one I want to mention is Indie vision music. This is probably my favorite site on the internet. I visit numerous times a day. They always provide the latest news faster than anyone else for the most part. They have a very deep reviews archive and have some of the best reviewers in the field on staff. They also have some neat extras that include free digital downloads, interviews, frequently updated polls, a user rating on reviews, some heartfelt editorials, and best of lists compiled by staff members at the end of the year. The site owner, Brandon Jones also has separate blog called Old School Tribute, that I’m also a reader of. That site was one of the reasons I wanted to start my own. Another great site is run by a man named Tyler Hess. It is called Christian Music Zine, though not as in depth as IVM, it is still a fairly new site. CMZ has frequent updates and is constantly changing the design in attempts to make it more user friendly. Tyler also is one of the funniest guys in the business, I get a lot of laughs in his humorous posts. He also pretty much runs the whole thing himself, though he does have a few reviewers on staff to assist. A new entry to the scene that started in mid 2009 is Christian Rock Rocks. This site began by a former IVM staff member, Brooks Ginnan, is very user friendly and has grown in leaps and bounds in the short time it has existed. CRR recently has begun to cover heavy music along with the more christian rock radio style. CRR also has started doing interviews and having live show reviews. Brooks runs the site himself, he does however employ another reviewer on staff to focus more on the metal and hardcore bands. That reviewer also happens to be your truly. Some other sites that I enjoy are Jesus Freak Hideout, which has just recently celebrated it’s 14th birthday, is the largest and deepest of the sites and covers all styles from adult contemporary to hardcore/metal. Jaysmusikblog, which covers mostly CCM and CHR acts; One 21 Music, which covers pretty much everything, including American Idol; and Bandsonfire, which is a site out of Germany that covers mostly metal and hardcore music. On a side note, Bandsonfire is having financial trouble and needs your help. If you are intersted in donating visit and you will be able to. These are some of the sites that I love and I encourage you to check them out. I hope that you get as much enjoyment out of these sites that I do. Hopefully you will be able to discover new music as well, because that’s really why we do this.

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A Great Summer Of Music

This summer has seen a lot of high quality releases in both the christian metal and rock genres, with Haste The Day, Mychildren Mybride, Norma Jean, A Plea For Purging, Impending Doom, In The Midst Of Lions, The Showdown, For Today, Children 18:3, Ivoryline, and House Of Heroes all releasing much anticipated, critically acclaimed albums. With a market so seemingly flooded, it has become harder for each of these great releases and artists to get the attention they deserve. That’s where the bands have truly showed what they were made of. In true DIY fashion, these bands have spent nary a day at home this summer, in favor of a life on the road in support of these latest releases. Be it Cornerstone Festival, Purple Door, Sonshine Fest, Warped Tour, or Scream The Prayer these bands have been true road warriors. Along with the constant touring, the bands got creative with selling their merchandise. Quite a few of the bands mentioned above were selling their latest albums on tour for $5, while the labels were selling it for $10, at the same festival. Included in this cool way of marketing their product, were some of the bands getting early releases of their albums so they could sell them on tour, not only would the consumer get a great deal, they also would get the album before release date. This brings me to the masterful job House Of Heroes did of selling their album Suburba. Not only were you able to buy it a few days early, you also were able to pick it up digitally for $2.99. Yes that is not a misprint, you read that right, $2.99! It’s great to see bands with spectacular releases have such a high degree of business savvy. It’s one thing to release an album, but a band needs to be able to have a desire for marketing and promotion, especially in this economy where it seems as if every distributer is having financial trouble and is having to cut back on spending I.e. meaning fewer copies of albums will be in stores. I encourage you to check out the new releases by the bands mentioned above. While your at it check out their older albums as well. You never know you might find your new favorite band.

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The Showdown “Blood In The Gears” review link

See my review of The Showdown’s new album “Blood In The Gears” at

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Marketing, Metal, and Jesus.

Here is an awesome article about the industry by a great writer, owner of, my friend Brooks Ginnan.

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Album Of The Week

Living Sacrifice Reborn (1997)
This album was the album that would change the game for the christian heavy music scene. This was viewed as a transition album before release, with frontman DJ leaving and guitarist Bruce taking over vocal duties. Fans and industry people alike didn’t know what to expect from this metal heavyweight. Upon release, the changes were apparent immediately. Gone were the thrash and death metal of old, replaced with a more updated mix of metallic hardcore and poly- rhythmic, at times tribal sounding drums. This was the beginning of the Living Sacrifice we all know and love today.

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I would like to hear your stories.

I would like to invite anyone who may have interesting stories they would like to share on the underground christian rock scene from the ’90’s until the early ’00’s to email me at with said stories and they will be posted. Also anyone who might be interested in doing reviews and artist bio’s contact me at the above email address. Have a great day and God Bless!


Why this music? Why now?

I chose the genres of metal, hardcore, punk, and alternative, because I love the music. The reason this blog was conceived was to shine a light on the seminal artists that helped make the scene what it is today, while missing out on the popularity todays bands enjoy. The popularity of the heavy music scene in todays market is at a high not seen since the “hair metal” bands. Therefore the bands that helped build the metal/hardcore scene did not have the restrictions placed upon them by record labels trying to push sales, thus creating a more unique, at times more experimental, sound. In the weeks and months too follow, I will try to build an archive of album reviews and artist spotlights on the bands active from ’94-’01 in the underground christian music scene. God willing, I will also recruit help from some friends and collegues to share some of their stories. I hope you enjoy the site in the coming weeks. God Bless!

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New content

In the coming days, I will have the following album reviews posted: Strongarm “The Advent Of A Miracle”, Living Sacrifice “Reborn”, and Zao “Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest”. I chose these three as my foundation for reviews due to the wide ranging influence these classics have. Also look for a review of For Today’s new album “Breaker” due out 8/31/10 soon after release. In the interim I encourage you to check out for my other reviews and reviews by another great writer, Brooks Ginnan. Thank you and God bless.

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Welcome to my new blog.

Welcome to my blog. My name is Matthew, and I love my wife, my dog, sports and music. The purpose of this blog will be to review albums and spotlight Christian hardcore/metal/punk/alternative bands both old and new. I hope you enjoy the reading material’s God Bless!!!

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